What services do we offer?

  • Space planning (layout of interior space)
  • Budget planning
  • Inventory of existing furnishings
  • Evaluation of telecommunication and computer systems
  • Selection of furniture, floor coverings, wall treatments, window treatments, lighting, artwork, accessories and all other interior elements
  • Design of casegoods and specialty millwork
  • Preparation of detailed drawings and/or specifications for all interior elements
  • Negotiating purchase of all interior elements at the best prices
  • Client meetings, 3-4 as required, for programming, progress plan review, and building finish selection.
  • Project management: Control and supervision of the interior design process from planning through the final installation of materials and furnishings.

And of course everything we do is subject to your review and approval at each stage of the process.

Ongoing Customer Satisfaction

At MGA, we provide ongoing care for all of our existing clients. We will continually update and renovate our clients' space as required. Therefore we are always there to take care of you, even after the job is completed.