About Us

MGA Design Group is a full service interior design firm located in Richmond, Virginia. For over fifty years, our firm has provided commercial design services for numerous private, governmental and institutional clients.

Our ability to adapt and grow with the challenges of a commercial design environment has built our reputation. Committed to quality, we have assembled a select staff of professionals who share this philosophy and each brings his/her individual skills to work, individually and together. As a team we are qualified to create effective interiors for corporations and professionals as well as the hospitality and medical services industry.

Today's interiors present new challenges. Computers and electronic equipment, restrictive space allocations, lighting, and open plan systems furniture, to name just a few, are important elements of today's dynamic interior spaces. Our ability to grow and respond to these special needs, sets us apart in the design community.

The interior design profession is far more complex than most people would assume. The decision making process is endless, and our ability to make decisions, to arrive at the correct solution for each client and avoid costly mistakes is essential. We understand the importance of function, image, deadlines, and budgets. We recognize the necessity of moving fast, with accuracy and dependability, grasping the big picture and dealing with details and limitations. We have built our reputation on our attention to detail, thereby maximizing the value of the end product for each client.

We pride ourselves in the extra care taken to make a good job an extraordinary one!